Lending a financial helping hand to whoever needs it most.


Lending a financial helping hand to whoever needs it most.

Avex Venture Capital Sdn Bhd

is a credit and financial advisory company licensed under the provisions of the Malaysian Government Money Lenders Act 1951.

Backed by more than a five years of experience, we aim to provide reasonable and straightforward alternative financing options for those who are currently excluded from mainstream banking.

We have always advocated the ethics of integrity and honesty in our business conduct. Since our establishment, we have helped thousands of people to get the loans they deserve.

We Value A Few Things Seriously


We maintain transparency throughout the entire loan application process, guaranteeing our customers peace of mind.


We uphold the cardinal principle of customer confidentiality as a financial services provider by not disclosing your personal data to a third party.


We are constantly striving to increase our operational efficiency in order to serve our customers better.

Our Missions

To provide professional, reliable and comprehensive financing, debt restructuring, and credit rebuilding services to credit-challenged consumers. In addition to that, we aspire to improve our customers’ financial literacy by sharing useful knowledge to help them thrive financially.